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11 inspiring boy names of scientists from all ages

11 inspiring boy names of scientists from all ages

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When choosing the name for our baby, inspiration can be in many places. There are traditional moms and dads who continue to bet on the calendar and others, on the other hand, prefer to join the fashion of the moment. But, also, many times we look at those memorable characters that we consider geniuses. If this is your case, then we bring you some names for boys inspired by scientists of different times.

Very possibly our little ones will dedicate themselves in their lives to professions that do not exist today, since science, in recent years, advances very fast. Our offspring will be pioneers, so they could well bear the name of some historical figure who broke new ground in science.

And it is that scientists and inventors illuminate the world. If you are interested in having your little one be named after one of the great masters, here is a list that we hope you find inspiring.

1. Leonardo
The first name that we propose cannot be other than that of the great Leonardo Da Vinci, a man of the Renaissance. Painter, inventor, philosopher, scientist ... It is difficult to find a field of study in which this man does not stand out.

In his honor, and because it sounds great, many parents choose his name to call their son. Leonardo is a name that sounds elegant and heavy. Did you know its origin is German and its means 'strong and brave'. As a diminutive, the name Leo has become very famous; so much that it is already used as a full name.

2. Nicolas
Nicolás Copernicus will go down in history as the great astronomer who explained the Heliocentric theory of the Solar System, which details that the Sun is the center of the Solar System and not the Earth.

Nicolás, that many parents shorten Nico to sound much more affectionate, is of Greek origin and means 'victor' or 'conqueror'. There are several dates on which its saints are celebrated, however, we like to remember the onomastics of San Nicolás de Bari on December 6, since the Santa Claus that we know today is inspired by it.

3. Galileo
Galileo Galilei was part of the great Scientific Revolution that took place during the Renaissance. In his legacy he left the telescope, a tool that would help us to discover but also to dream of having the stars closer.

Galileo is a somewhat far-fetched name for a baby but some parents choose it because it conveys a lot of wisdom. He origin of this name is latin and its meaning is 'he who comes from Galilee'.

4. Isaac
When choosing a name for boys that transmits strength and strength, Isaac is a very valid option for your baby. As you may have imagined, we propose this name in honor of the English scientist Isaac Newton, physicist, philosopher, inventor, alchemist and mathematician. Among some of his most prominent theories, the natural laws of gravitation.

But, in addition, Isaac is a beautiful biblical name, from Hebrew origin meaning 'Yahweh laughs'. Although there are people who have a hard time pronouncing the name well, once you get used to it it sounds nice.

5. Albert
Albert Einstein is perhaps the most important scientist of the 20th century. His contributions to science have been many, especially in the fields of physics and quantum mechanics.

Albert, which you can translate to Alberto, is a German name that comes from 'Athal-berht', so means something like 'illustrious for his nobility'. If you do not like names that are too long, you can shorten it to Alber, Albert or Al.

6. Stephen
If we talk about the most important physicist of recent times, we talk about Stephen Hawking. In addition to his research, he was a great popularizer who brought science closer to the general public. He talked about really important topics like the laws of the universe, the theory of general relativity, and the nature of black holes.

If we translate Stephen we have Stephen, a name loaded with tradition and that in many families is considered a legacy from father to son. The origin of this name is Greek and its meaning 'crown'.

We follow this list of names for boys inspired by scientists from all ages and all parts of the world with some more classic but equally attractive baby names.

7. Charles
If there is something that Charles Darwin left for posterity, it is the 'Origin of Species', in which he explained how species have evolved through natural selection, which is nothing more than the survival of the strongest specimen.

Charles is Carlos in Spanish, a name that has been very prevalent in the past and continues to be so today. Its origin is German and its meaning 'strong and virile man'.

8. Benjamin
Benjamin Franklin will go down in history as a politician, inventor, and scientist. His studies on electricity laid the foundation for many very important later investigations. His most significant invention was the lightning rod.

Benjamin is a traditional and historical name. In fact, it is a name of Hebrew origin which means 'son of my pain'.

9. Louis
Louis, surnamed Pasteur, stood out for his experiences related to microbiology and chemistry. As you may already know, pasteurization is named after him.

Well, Louis may inspire you to name your baby like that: Luis. This name, which is short and direct, is from German origin and means 'combat'. If you are looking for a compound name for your baby, Luis may be the solution since it combines with many names.

10. Thomas
You've surely heard of Thomas Alva Edison, a great American businessman and inventor from the late 19th century. The movie camera is one of his main inventions. What would we do today without cinema!

This historical figure may inspire you to choose the name Thomas for your baby. This is a very common name that comes from Aramaic and means 'twin'.

11. Johannes
Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer and mathematician whose research led him to explain the laws of motion of the planets when orbiting around the sun.

Johannes can be translated as Juan, a very nice and forceful name that has been used for many centuries. The origin of this name is Hebrew and means 'to add'.

What scientist-inspired boy names do you like the most?

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