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4 models of letters for Santa Claus, to print to children

4 models of letters for Santa Claus, to print to children

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Fun, original, cheerful and tender templates to print and write the letter to Santa Claus. Choose one of those 4 beautiful letter proposals for Santa Claus, and print it for free. A quick and beautiful way for children to write to Santa Claus on those Christmas holidays, telling him their dreams, wishes, and even making promises.

It is important, when writing a letter to Santa Claus, that we reflect on what we really want and need. He is not always short of toys for children. In many homes there may be a lack of peace, health, union, respect, trust ... Many children recognize that they have misbehaved or that they have created bad moments in the family.

Print those beautiful Christmas letters for your children and take the opportunity to make them aware of the true value of those Christmas parties. Encourage your children to ask for gifts not only for themselves, but also for others. And also, that the gifts are not only material, that they ask for values ​​as necessary as love, health, peace, of ours and of the whole world.

To print the model that your child likes best, you just have to CLICK ON THE IMAGE corresponding to see the entire and complete letter, and thus be able to print it, free of charge.

1. A tender and beautiful idea to write the letter to Santa Claus. A model with designs of Santa Claus, Christmas balls, reindeer, gingerbread cookies, snowmen, gifts, and other Christmas motifs. Click on the image to see the complete letter, and print it.

2. A lively and big Santa Claus is the main character in this beautiful and fun model of a letter for Santa Claus. Children can write their letter in the belly of Santa Claus, decorated with Christmas motifs such as the Christmas tree, Christmas balls, among others. Click on the image to see the complete letter, and print it.

3. HO HO HO! A lively and fun Santa Claus, along with a snowman and Rudolf the reindeer, hide behind this cute model letter to Santa Claus. Children will love writing their wishes on this beautiful letter. Click on the image to see the complete letter, and print it.

4. This fourth sample letter to Santa Claus is the simplest. And that's how simple the letter that children write to Santa Claus should be. Simple in the wishes that children express, too. Print this cheerful letter to Santa Claus, and draw a smile on your children's faces. Click on the image to see the complete letter, and print it.

When and how did this custom of writing letters to Santa Claus begin? The tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus is very old. The story goes that Saint Nicholas was a bishop who lived in the 4th century. He was a great friend to children, so much so that at his party he gave out sweets and gifts to children. His German name was 'Saint Nikilaus', but the children pronounced, 'Santa Claus'.

Legend has it that when Saint Nicholas was very young, he saw how a man who had 3 daughters was left in misery. To help him, Nicolás, who had inherited a great fortune, threw some gold coins down the chimney of the man's house, which ended up falling on some woolen stockings that were to dry by the fireplace. Therefore, they explain the tradition of hanging stockings on fireplaces.

It is from this history that the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas emerged, throughout Europe. In Poland, for example, texts say that in the 18th century children received apples, golden nuts, gingerbread, etc. It was said that Santa Claus, they left gifts under the pillow or in their socks.

Although there is no specific reference to the origin of the letters sent to Santa Claus, the oldest known is a letter written at the beginning of the 13th century by a girl, addressed to Saint Nicholas. In the letter, the girl said:

'Saint Nicholas, patron of good children. I kneel before you for your intercession. Hear my voice through the clouds and tonight give me some toys. More than anything, I want a dollhouse with flowers and little birds. '

Research reveals that the custom began in the late 19th century, when a girl's letter beginning with 'Dear Santa Claus'. The girl is said to be about 10 years old.

It is not known exactly when this tradition spread to Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world. What is known is that in many places there are 'Santa Claus post offices', which receive thousands of letters from children. Millions of letters are addressed to Santa Claus, and most of the gifts arrive happily at their destination.

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