The secret ingredient to create a quality jar for your baby

The secret ingredient to create a quality jar for your baby

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Children neither come with bread under their arms and nor with an instruction manual, so parents and mothers get nervous and restless (also expectant, of course) when we face each of the stages of our little one: from the first diaper change or his first contact with water until the moment we sit in front of him to offer him his first jar of fruits, vegetables, beef, chicken or fish. Am I doing it right? If you have the secret ingredient to create a quality jar for your baby, you sure do! Don't you know what we're talking about? We will tell you!

Food plays a fundamental role in the optimal development of the baby, since through the intake of different foods the child will begin to acquire vitamins, proteins or carbohydrates, among others, that will allow them to grow properly. This food has to be varied, and it is that they cannot be missing:

- Fruits and vegetables, a fundamental contribution to your body of fiber -so important to avoid one of the great childhood problems, constipation- or vitamins -substances responsible for protecting and strengthening the body and a key part in the metabolism process and that reach our body through through food.

- The meat, which offers the necessary doses of iron, so necessary to prevent iron deficiency anemia in childhood.

- Fish and fatty acids, very important for your brain development.

How to achieve a balance adjusted to the needs of the baby? Taking into account that the nutritional needs of babies change during their first 1000 days of life, we must find the system that, as parents, ensures that we are giving the best to our child.

In Hero baby they care about the feeding of our children and have developed a formula, under the Hero Baby seal of quality, in which the necessary nutrients are found, adapted to their nutritional needs. And is that the jars of Hero adapt to these needs, adding the right amounts from each food group, because each of them has important nutrients!

Those responsible for developing the Hero Baby jars are guided by the recommendations of the expert group of the Hero Institute for Infant Nutrition, but also add something from their harvest: all the affection and love in the world and many years of work.

The Hero Baby jars They are carefully made so that all the ingredients are properly combined to achieve the best flavor and color and the best texture. For this, the homogenization process is used, a system by which it is possible to distribute and distribute the recipe with all the nutrients in the same way in each jar.

All the ingredients are 100% natural and under no circumstances is salt and / or sugar added. In this way, it seeks to educate children from a very young age in healthy eating habits to prevent diseases such as childhood obesity, tooth decay or cardiovascular problems.

The baby really does not need either of these two substances and, by including them in his diet, the only thing we are doing is creating an 'addiction' that he does not have until now and determining how his future diet will be. In addition, the salt and sugar that he needs is already naturally contained in the products that they usually consume, for example, with carrots, one of the vegetables that are first introduced to babies for its sweet taste.

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