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Practical and effective tips for ordering your newborn baby's clothes

Practical and effective tips for ordering your newborn baby's clothes

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What is the impact of organizing clothes for a baby? Much! Although it may sound a little strange or even exaggerated, the truth is that the way you store your little one's clothes can make a big difference in their well-being and health. Therefore, below we have compiled some tips you need to know to sort your newborn baby's clothes in the most practical and efficient way.

We cannot forget that babies are very vulnerable and their skin very sensitive to changes in the environment. In addition, when placing your little one's trousseau it is also important to consider accessibility. After all, the thing you want the least is not being able to find what you need when you are dressing your child. The most ideal thing is to find an order that is practical and simple for you, that way you can have everything at your fingertips.

To order your son or daughter's clothes in a functional and comfortable way, you must take into account these three keys, first of all:

- Visibility
It is necessary that you can have a clear vision of the garments you have for your baby, from those to wear every day, to those for outings. But especially, that you can see those garments that are smaller.

- Neatness
Cleaning should be your number one priority when choosing the place where you will store your baby's clothes, obviously to prevent them from contracting allergies or other diseases that can develop both in the clothes and in the place where they are stored.

- Versatility
It is quite surprising how in just one year of life, babies change clothing sizes very easily. So the space that serves you now may be too small for you later. Invest in multi-space furniture and cabinets, so that you can take advantage of every corner for much longer.

To store your child's clothes, you can use both cabinets or closets and horizontal or multifunctional furniture. Both options are ideal, as long as they are clean, hypoallergenic, have usable spaces and are comfortable, in other words, let the garments be removed and stored easily.

Wood or bamboo furniture is recommended, as well as hermetic drawers and bags, which preserve the freshness of the clothes and prevent the development of bacteria caused by dust. In addition, these can be very effective for storing seasonal dresses.

But is it better to hang or fold the clothes? On the one hand, it must be taken into account that clothes hanging on hangers absorb more dirt. However, folded clothes tend to get damaged faster. In addition, to know which is the best place to store clothes, other factors must be taken into account such as:

  • Quality and type of fabric of the garments.
  • Clothing models.
  • Frequency of use.
  • Available storage space.

In this sense, dresses, sweaters or coats should be hung up, just like blankets or scarves. Overalls, pants or onesies, bodysuits and pajamas, as well as gloves, hats and socks can be folded.

That is to say, looser and more delicate items should be hung up, as well as those of considerable thickness (such as thermal or waterproof coats), while garments of medium thickness can be folded without any problem.

With newborn babies, what counts is versatility and simplicity, garments that can be useful throughout the day, that are easy to change, fresh, safe and delicate. Therefore, experts recommend 100% cotton fabrics, since they are breathable and natural, preventing the baby from developing allergies. Unlike synthetic fabrics, such as lycra or silk and fabrics that can shed fluff such as wool, suede or angora.

In this sense, the garments that you should always have on hand are:

- Jumpsuits and bodysuits. Preferably those with snaps on the crotches and elastic waist. No closures!

- Booties or socks. Again, ideal those with elastic or clasps to prevent them from falling off with movement. You should find clothing, however, that does not pinch the child's foot or ankle.

- PajamasBedtime also deserves to have its special garment, this will ensure that your baby has adequate rest and can continue to be protected.

- Dresses and bodysuits. Ideal for summer or that time of day when it is hotter and your baby wants to feel a little cooler.

- Gloves, hats and stockings. It is always recommended to keep the head and ears, hands and feet warm to keep the baby warm and protected against low temperatures. We must remember that newborn babies are used to the heat of the mother's womb and the sudden change in temperature can cause them discomfort.

If you don't have a multi-space piece of furniture, or you want to find a way to get more, then pay attention to the following ideas to make your own functional space:

- Doors
The inside of the cabinet doors (other than sliding) can be used with hanging organizers where you can store small items, such as stockings, gloves, hats, blankets, etc.

- Hermetic boxes
It is best to stack them at the top of your closet, under the hanging clothes, on a counter or in a hollow piece of furniture, they will keep your clothes fresh and without damaging the material.

- Clothes dividers
These will help you a lot to maintain the order of your baby's clothes and take advantage of an empty space, such as large drawers or the hermetic boxes themselves. The best thing is that they come in multiple sizes depending on your needs.

- Travel bags
There are transparent traveling bags where we keep clothes to have on hand in the suitcase. So why not take advantage of them to store your baby's clothes? These will save you a lot of space, you can classify them by seasons, types of garments or to save the smallest ones and prevent them from being lost.

With these simple tips you can have all the needs covered when organizing your newborn baby's clothes effectively for you and your baby.

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