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Games for New Year with children

Games for New Year with children

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The celebration of the New Year's Eve and the New Year is the perfect opportunity for the family to get together and talk about their things, the feelings of the year that is going and what is going to happen with the new. For the little ones in the house it is a special occasion because ... they can stay up 'all night! In order to make it special, we have prepared for you a selection with the best games for New Years with children! A way to live New Year's Eve with the family in a fun way and without the children getting bored.

But what about children? These days are not like Christmas where they had presents. We can keep them entertained and involved in the celebrations thanks to these New Year's games and activities with the children.

- Countdown on balloons
To start New Year's Eve we can count down where each hour is represented by a balloon. Inside each balloon there will be an activity to do. As each hour passes, we will explode each balloon to discover what activity or game to do as a family. They can include: board games, riddles, singing, dancing, etc.

- Build musical instruments
To celebrate the arrival of the New Year, the child can turn plates into tambourines or empty bottles with rice, coins and other objects, instruments with which to give a New Year's concert and sing songs as a family later.

- Costume contest
Prepare hats, masks, glasses, mustaches, trumpets and all the 'props' that we can think of so that both adults and children can dress up.

- The photocall
Reuse all the costumes, masks, mustaches, and all kinds of gadgets to take family photos and make a souvenir photo album. And, also, we can create your own photocall with Christmas motifs. This way, the photos will be perfect!

- Magic Tricks
Young children love magic tricks. They don't have to be complicated tricks. Make something disappear, use your imagination.

- Scramble on New Years Eve
To play you have to write many words related to the end of the year on a piece of paper and put the letters in order. The person who guesses the most words correctly will choose which member of the group should tell a joke with a polvorón in his mouth.

- Guess as a family
Write words on cards. Place the cards on the table. Players must divide into two teams and sit opposite each other. Set a stopwatch that indicates the time that passes. The first player must take a card from the set and try to get his teammates to guess it before time runs out, in this case 1 minute. If they can guess it ahead of time they will earn a point. And go so on in turns until the words run out. Then add the points to find out which team has won.

- The treasure hunt
Hide small bags of candy around the house, and write clues that lead to other clues and finally to the gift. The children will have a great time and will be entertained for a good time.

- Neither yes nor no
During the conversations that take place at dinner, the idea is to try to get the family to say yes or no. If someone says it with a question, the one who asked it will win the point.

- The time capsule
The whole family can decorate a small box with a lid. They can then fill the time capsule with family photos, newspaper clippings, a letter, and other small objects that represent your family at the time of the capsule. Each child can select a special object to help them remember the year and put it in the capsule. You can open the time capsule the following year or keep it closed for several years before reviewing its contents again.

- The disco at home
After dinner or after the bells, a dance floor can be organized in the living room to say goodbye or welcome the year by dancing to the songs we like the most from last year.

- The variety show
If the family likes music and theater this is your activity. This year the show stays at home. All members of the family can participate. Children can organize choreography and songs for adults and adults can plan a puppet theater for children. Karaoke is also accepted.

- Tell a story
You can do it before the new year begins, on the afternoon of the 31st, or if you have the strength, at the time of going to bed. The story of 'The New Year's Fairy' is an educational way of explaining to children that the new year is presented as an opportunity to set challenges and resolutions and carry them out.

The night of December 31 It is also a good time to teach children the different traditions that take place in the hours before the clock hand reaches 12 o'clock. This time we are going to propose a challenge, show them not only what is done in your country but in other parts of the planet. Do you accept? Here we tell you some of the most curious rituals for New Year's Eve that you can find.

- The twelve grapes
In Spain there is a tradition (children have to be careful not to choke) which is to eat twelve grapes while the bell rings to welcome the new year. Those who do not like this fruit, can substitute it for pieces of apple or banana and / or olives.

- To the rich plate of lentils
From Italian lands comes this ritual that for some may seem strange. It involves eating a plate of lentils as the main menu on the great New Year's Eve. And we will tell you that not only happens in Italy, in some corners of Chile they are also supporters of this tradition.

- Night walks with the suitcase
If you are going to spend New Year's Eve in Colombia, don't be caught off guard by this custom! Pack your suitcase on December 31 and go for a walk around the block or the block. It is a way to attract good energy for the next 365 days and ensure new adventures and experiences.

- Kisses at midnight
Love is the engine of life and if you do not want to miss it for the next year, join this tradition that comes from the United States. During the first minute of the new year you have to kiss with your partner and love will always be present.

- Read the future
On December 31, have an egg on hand. Catch it or smash it on a plate and leave it under the bed overnight. When you wake up the next day, watch it. Which shape has? Its interpretation, according to this Peruvian ritual, reveals your nearest future.

- Yellow and red, the colors of good luck
It is said in Mexico that if you want to have good luck with money and work, the last night of the year you have to take something yellow with you; Instead, if your goal is love, look for a red garment. This tradition has spread throughout the world, although in Argentina love is related to the pink tone.

- Break the glasses
In Venezuela we find two very curious traditions. On the one hand, the fact of breaking the glasses in which champagne is drunk to ensure a promising future and, on the other, cutting lemons in four, spreading them throughout the house and thus eliminating bad energy.

- The power of the sea
The Brazilians have baptized the last night of the year as Reveillon and in it the main protagonist is the sea. The inhabitants of Brazil approach the beach dressed in white to jump seven times over the waves (this is also done in Spain by San Juan along the entire Levantine coast), throw flowers and, above all, to ask the best wishes for the family in the months to come.

And if there is something that excites children, it is everything that has to do with the preparations for the last night of the year and with the dishes that can be on the table to taste. Take advantage of this moment to put on your apron and cook the best recipes for your guests.

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