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Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, December 12. Names for girl

Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, December 12. Names for girl

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Guadalupe is a name for a girl of Arabic origin whose meaning is 'river of black stones' or 'river of love'. Exceptionally, this name can also be used for a boy, although its use is somewhat rare. Its Arab origin has not prevented the name of Guadalupe from acquiring great popularity in the Christian world with the celebrations of the day of the virgin of Guadalupe. Celebrate your name day on December 12 which is the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Although Guadalupe is often considered to be a name of Arabic origin, there are experts who assure that this name could also come from Nahuatl. In this case, it seems that it would come from 'coatlallope', which could be translated as 'the one that crushes the snake'.

The name Guadalupe is used throughout the world with few variations, although it is in Mexico where it has a greater popularity for the high number of believers in the Virgin of Guadalupe. And it is that, as you well know, this Marian invocation of the Virgin is the patroness of Mexico, in addition to the patroness of the Americas.

Your special day in the Mexican country It is celebrated on December 12. It is very common for both girls and boys born on this date to bear the name of Guadalupe in their honor. Every year a great celebration is organized in many of the most devout cities that always include masses and pilgrimages. It is typical, for example, that dances and dances are performed, such as the colorful Danza de Matachines. In addition, on this day all the children learn the song of the Guadalupana.

However, Mexico is not the only country that feels great veneration for this Virgin. In Spain, for example, she is also considered the Queen of Hispanidad.

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There is a legend around the name of your daughter who is the one that has made Guadalupe famous.

They say that in the year 1326, the Virgin appeared to a shepherd on the banks of the river that today bears his name in Extremadura, in Spain. The Virgin asked the shepherd to build in that same place a monastery that can still be visited today and that enjoys extraordinary beauty. That is why, apart from a few rivers, there are many towns that bear the name of Guadalupe, both in Spain and in Mexico.

However, there is also a story that has passed in Mexico from generation to generation, which tells lthe appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the hill of Tepeyac in the year 1531. This legend tells that the Virgin went to visit Juan Diego and told him that she had to go see the bishop of the area to have a temple built for her there. The holy man, however, did not believe Juan Diego when he told him that he had spoken with the Virgin and asked for proof of such a miracle.

It was then that Juan Diego's uncle became seriously ill. The Virgin reappeared in the same place to console the young man and announce that she was going to heal his uncle. After the test, the bishop believed Juan Diego and ordered the construction of a great temple in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The possibilities of your daughter's name are many, such as Upe, Lupe, Guada or Lupita, without forgetting among the French girl names the versionGuadeloupe, possessing a charming musicality. It is, in any case, a special name that makes the girls who wear it the object of admiration and, above all, of the affection of those around her.

Although Guadalupe is a very long name, many parents seek combinations of names to form compounds. In most cases, they opt for Maria Guadalupe. But, given the beauty of this name, there are other options that sound great too. Ana Guadalupe, for example, also sounds very nice.

There are many women throughout history who have had this name, most of them of Mexican origin. An example of this is the actress Lupe Vélez, who triumphed in Hollywood when cinema was taking its first steps.

As a curiosity that we have advanced previously, we also tell you that Guadalupe can also be a man's name, although its use is less common.

If you like Mexican culture, surely in addition to Guadalupe you will love the following options that we propose. They are the favorite nicknames of Mexican parents to call their newborn daughters. Will the perfect name for your daughter be among them?

  • Camila. Of Latin origin, Camila's name means 'the one who keeps the fire'. Many Mexican parents who choose it for their babies end up using Cami as a diminutive of this name.
  • Ximena. Ximena or Jimena is a name of Basque origin that means 'beast of the mountain'. If you want to put an original and beautiful name for your daughter, this may be a good option.
  • Sofia. If you are looking for a name for a baby girl that never goes out of style, you can choose Sofía, a very common name among Mexican parents. However, Sofia is a Greek name that means 'wisdom'.
  • Valentina. This name for girls has become very fashionable all over the world. It is a name that conveys great elegance. Did you know that its origin is Latin and refers to courage?
  • Juana. If we pull from Mexican tradition, we cannot ignore the name of Juana. This name has been heard in Mexican maternity wards for many years. It is the feminine form of John, which is a Hebrew name that means 'compassion'. Do you like it for your girl?

Do not forget! Mark December 12 on your calendar to congratulate all the grandmothers, mothers and girls whose names are Guadalupe.

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