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5 ideas to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with children

5 ideas to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with children

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Let's toast with our children for the arrival of a new year. Let them see that everything has a beginning and an end, and that it is up to us to enjoy the time and make it a satisfying time for us and our loved ones. In one way or another, we all prepare to welcome the new year. We renew our illusions and get down to work so that the new year be even better.

On our site We leave you some ideas to spend the New Year with the children.

So that the New Years Eve be as attractive and as magical for your child as it is for you, don't expect the clock pointers to strike midnight because if they are very small, they will end up asleep.

Ideally, you should put some practices in progress so that your little one sees the new year as a great opportunity to determine resolutions, make a change or give wings to his illusions. You can make your child fill with hope, facing the new year that is approaching.

Here are some ideas for spend the New Year with the children:

1. Toasting with the kids!
Make a toast with your children, even with a glass of milk, a fruit juice or a special champagne for both them and pregnant women.

2. Make a list of your child's resolutions for the New Year.
These goals will include what the little one hopes to learn. For example: 'In the new year I want to learn to bathe, dress or put on shoes, by myself', 'In the new year I want to do a sport', or 'In the new year I want to learn to paint, dance or ride bicycle'. You can write each wish on a piece of paper, close it and make a raffle to find out what is going to come true first.

3. Create your own tradition for New Years
There are families that follow a custom of spending New Year's Eve with a new garment, if possible red or white. It can be a sock, a shirt, a pair of briefs or briefs, etc. It doesn't matter as long as it's new. However, other families have the custom of stepping on the right foot just when the last bell rings; and others put some gold in all the glasses and glasses ... What is traditional in your house? You can choose any of these traditions or you can create your own.

4. Cook something tasty as a family
Before the year is out, take your child into the kitchen and make a welcome cake for the New Year with him. You can make a normal sponge cake and decorate it with the New Year's numbers, made with colored or chocolate noodles, lacasitos, golden or silver balls, sugary stars, etc. You can also prepare fun canapes with sliced ​​bread, with ham and cheese cut out with the numbers of the new year.

5. Give thanks
Before the year is over, don't forget to teach your child to be thankful for all the good things that have happened to you in the year that is ending. Surely you have many things to be thankful for, for example, for the birth of a baby brother, for good school grades, for friends, for a trip you have made or for whatever you think is convenient. The important thing is that children welcome the new year as it deserves.

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Surely at home you have been living the spirit of the New Year long before December 31st. And it is that the preparations for New Year's Eve and for the beginning of the year usually start at least a week before, from the day after Christmas. Therefore, below we propose some crafts, stories, games and other entertainment to have everything ready to welcome the new year. To play!

- Prepare a star headband
The arrival of the new year must be celebrated with the best clothes: glitter, sequins, bow ties ... However, the New Year does not have to be a synonym for wasting money. Therefore, we suggest you make some accessories yourself to be very handsome on the first day of the year. What do you think of this beautiful golden star headband?

It is made of recycled materials: an old headband, some pipe cleaners, sheets, foam rubber, markers ... It is very easy to prepare and you can customize it according to your tastes!

- Ring in the new year with a fantasy makeup
There is no better way to welcome the year to come than with a fantasy makeup that reminds us that we are at Christmas. The possibilities at your disposal are many and varied: fir, angel, reindeer, snowman, Christmas star ...

We welcome the year with our best face!

- Make a custom grape tray
In countries like Spain there is a tradition of taking 12 grapes with 12 chimes at midnight to start the year with great luck. Do you dare to participate in this custom? If the answer is yes, we suggest you make a homemade and personalized tray for grapes.

You just need some bottle caps, some cardboard and glue. It is very simple to prepare and is very practical when leaving all the grapes before the arrival of midnight.

- Read the New Year's Fairy tale
All children like stories and there is no better one for these dates than the one entitled 'The New Year's Fairy'. This story, written by Emilie Poulsson, talks about the resolutions of the new year and how we can achieve the goals that we set for this new stage.

This story tells the story of some children to whom a fairy gives a blank book to fill in throughout the year with their good and bad behaviors, with their goals achieved, with moments of happiness ... Discover together with your children what lesson these children learn from the hand of the New Year Fairy.

- Make a confetti cannon to celebrate the New Year
Although all parents hate it with all our might, on New Year's Eve you cannot miss ... the confetti! And thanks to this cannon that we propose, children will have a great time launching it as far or as high as possible. Its nice is not it? Well, you can make it yourself by hand using recycled materials!

Among the materials to carry it out, you need: a roll of toilet paper, a balloon, adhesive or gift paper and cardboard ... It will be a lot of fun (for those who do not have to pick up the confetti the next day from the floor).

- Read proverbs with your children
Did you know that there are a large number of sayings that refer to the New Year? Surely, if you stop to think for a moment, you can find some of them. Share with your children all these popular sayings that contain all the popular knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation. You are sure to surprise yourself learning a new saying!

- Send a postcard to loved ones
In this compilation of fun activities for the last days of the year we could not forget to recommend you write and send a very special postcard, wishing you happy holidays and a good entry into the year. Draw it with your children and send it to those people you appreciate the most.

Happy New Year to all!!!

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