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When choosing and naming the baby, many great sources of inspiration can arise, from names that follow the family tradition, to choosing a rare and exotic name. If you already know that the baby you are expecting is a boy or a boy, there is a range of possibilities to choose his name. One of those alternatives is the names of kings. There are parents who would love to give their baby a royal name.

We have searched the European royal houses for the most traditional and popular names of kings, both among those of today but also of historical kings who also never go out of style. In this list of 10 royal names, you are sure to find the best name for your little one.

1. Juan Carlos
Let yourself be inspired by the name of the former Spanish king Juan Carlos I. It is a name composed for a boy with a lot of tradition that combines a name of Hebrew origin, Juan, with a name of Germanic origin, Carlos.

2. Felipe
This name of Greek origin whose meaning tells us about a lover of horses, is not only the name of the King of Spain, but it is also the name of the sovereign of Belgium and the British king consort, the husband of Elizabeth II.

3. Enrique
One of the royal names par excellence is this name of Germanic origin that means 'lord of his house'. This is a name with great power and strength, which many parents shorten to Quique. Surely you've ever heard of King Henry VIII of England ...

4. Guillermo
It is impossible not to think of different historical and current kings with this name. Did you know that its origin is Germanic and its meaning is 'protective'? This name has been around for decades thanks to its beautiful shape and sound.

5. Alberto
It is one of the most charming names for boys. It has a Germanic origin and in its meaning we find 'nobility', so it is very suitable for a king. It is also the name of the former monarch of Belgium. As a diminutive, many parents use the name Alber.

6. Harald
This name comes from an ancient Viking name of unknown meaning. Its Scandinavian origin gave rise to the best known Harold variant and it is a name used in Norway to name several of its kings.

7. Carlos
Carlos, Charles, Charlie ... This royal name makes us think of the son of British Queen Elizabeth II. It is a name of German origin that means 'strong man'. Classic and innovative!

8. Hans
Do you like this so 'real' name for your baby? There have been several monarchs of the world that have been named like that, such as the king of Liechtenstein. Hans is the German variant of John, a beautiful and traditional name with biblical origin that means 'compassion for Yahweh'.

9. Alfonso
This name of Germanic origin whose meaning warns us that it is 'ready for combat' is one of the traditional names of kings in Spain. It is also a name that maintains its popularity for that original and distinguished touch.

10. Fernando
History offers us to remember several monarchs who bore this name of Germanic origin so 'willful' and 'daring'. The name Fernando has the personality of traditional names that are reinvented in each generation. You like?

And, in case you are going to have a beautiful girl, as a complement to the previous names, below we leave you some ideas of beautiful names of queens and princesses for your little one. We accompany each one of them with its origin and meaning so that deciding is easier.

- Isabel
The first of the names of queens that comes to mind for a girl is Isabel, and it is that there have been many and very powerful monarchs that have been called that. We only have to think of Elizabeth II of Great Britain or Elizabeth the Catholic. It is a Hebrew name that means 'God has sworn'.

- Katherine
Catherine is a name unequivocally linked to royalty thanks to queens such as Catherine of Aragon (who married King Henry VIII of England), the great empress Catherine II of Russia or the queen consort of France Catherine de Medici. This name is of Greek origin and means 'pure'.

- Victoria
This Latin name so strongly means 'victorious' and corresponds to the name of the great Victoria I of England. His reign, which was very long, gave name to the British Victorian era.

- Rania
Looking for exotic and original names of queens, we find Rania, in honor of Rania of Jordan. This name comes from Arabic and means 'lovely'.

- Anne
And finally, we suggest the name of Anne or Ana, if we translate it. This pretty name is perfect for all parents who are looking for simple ideas to call their daughters. Ana is a Hebrew name that means 'compassionate'. Did you know that the saint's day is July 26, grandparents' day? This is because this was the name of Jesus' grandmother. Anne is the name of the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Before finishing, we cannot fail to propose some tips to keep in mind when choosing the best name for your baby who is about to be born. We know that it is a complicated and very important decision, since it is the name that your little one will have for a lifetime. Therefore, you must be convinced before deciding on it. Take into account the following keys.

- Search for a unique name, but not
Many parents want original and unique names for their children. There is nothing wrong with it, however, we can never forget that there are some limits that we must not exceed. And it is that, sometimes, too strange names can become a source of ridicule and humiliation for our children.

- Seek inspiration
Unless you are clear about what you want to call your children from your earliest childhood, seeking inspiration will help you come up with new ideas. Maybe you discover names that you never thought about but that you like a lot because of how they sound or because of their meaning.

- Think about how it will sound next to the last name
Sometimes, putting the name together with the surname that the child will bear produces combinations of words that sometimes are not entirely fortunate. We refer, for example, to Dolores Fuertes or Flor Roja. Therefore, when choosing the name we must think about how it will be with the surname.

- Compound name, and why not?
In many areas of the world the use of a compound name is widespread. Although it is not always a very modern option, it can be useful if we are unable to keep only one name or if we want to pay a small tribute to the child's two grandparents, for example.

- Names according to the saints
A quick option that can work for the most devoted parents is to choose the name of your baby according to the saint of the day it is born. The only problem with this decision is that you will not know what your little one is going to be called until the day of his birth.

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