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Stories for children. Uga the turtle

Stories for children. Uga the turtle

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Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This tale, Uga the Turtle, especially, encourages effort and perseverance.

In addition to educating in values, through stories, fables or poems, children learn about their surroundings, enhance their imagination, develop creativity and generate interest in reading.

- Wow, everything goes wrong! Uga the tortoise constantly wails.

And it is not for less: she is always late, she is the last to finish her tasks, she almost never gets prizes for speed and, to top it off, she is a sleepyhead.

- This has to change! she decided to have a good day, tired of being reproached by her companions in the forest for her little effort in carrying out her tasks.

And he had chosen not to even try to carry out activities as simple as piling up dry leaves that fell from the trees in autumn, or removing pebbles on the way to the pond where they splashed on hot summer days.

- Why worry about doing a job that my colleagues end up doing later? It is better to dedicate myself to playing and resting.

- Not a great idea, said an ant. What really counts is not getting the job done in record time; the important thing is to finish it by doing it the best you know, well You will always have the reward of having achieved it.

Not all jobs need fast workers. There are tasks that require time and effort. If you don't try, you will never know what you are capable of doing, and you will always be left wondering if you had ever achieved it.

Therefore, it is better to try and not succeed than not to try and live with doubt. Constancy and perseverance are good allies to achieve what we propose; that's why I advise you to try it. It may even surprise you what you are capable of.

- Wow, little ant, you've touched my fibers! This is what I needed: someone to help me understand the value of effort; I promise I will try.

A few days passed and Uga, the tortoise, struggled at his chores.

She felt happy with herself because every day she achieved the little that she set out to do because she was aware that she had done everything possible to achieve it.

- I have found my happiness: what matters is not setting great and impossible goals, but finish all the small tasks that contribute to great ends.


Help your child understand the message of the story, which in this case, speaks of the importance of making an effort and persevering in tasks to achieve good results. Use these questions with your child and reflect with their help on the story of Uga the turtle:

1. What was wrong with Uga the turtle? Why were all the companions in the forest messing with her?

2. Did Uga do anything to change this situation?

3. What did the worker ant tell you?

4. How did Uga feel when he began to exert himself in everything he did?

With our gestures, our attitude, our behavior and our words we are transmitting to our children values ​​such as respect, solidarity, empathy, empathy, generosity ... But we can also transmit all these principles in a more playful and entertaining for them: using the stories.

And if in the story of 'Uga the turtle ', we were talking about how important effort, perseverance and perseverance is for the development of a person, the following stories will help you to work on many other values ​​that are equally important for the future of your little one.

- The elephant Bernardo
We must teach our children that 'laughing with' is not the same as 'laughing at' and that the latter is something that is very wrong. We must educate them to always respect others, especially if they do not want the same thing to happen to them as the elephant Bernardo, who, based on his inappropriate behavior, learned a great lesson for his whole life: not to hurt others purpose and help others so that, if you need it, they will help you.

- Pedrito and the slug
All young children go through the stage of 'mine' and not wanting to share. It is part of the development of their personality, so, at first, we must respect it. As the little one grows up and interacts with other children in nursery school or school, he will have to learn to be generous and kind. If you notice him telling him a little, tell him the story of Pedrito and the slug. You will both love it!

- Sneaker race
There is a saying that 'Who has a friend, has a treasure', and what truth! That is why we must take care of them, like the one who takes care of a plant pet. The story of the smug giraffe and the rest of the jungle animals will help you talk with your children about the value of friendship.

- The albino burrito
Can you imagine a world in which we are all the same? Deep down, it would be horrible! While it is true that we are always looking for friends or a partner who is related to us, the secret of a good coexistence is to respect the differences of others and what makes them unique. Talk to your children about diversity with the story of 'The albino burrito'.

Older children will learn at school that, in addition to stories, there are also fables, which are short stories that are characterized because they always include a moral at the end of the story, that is, a teaching.

We parents, as well as teachers and educational staff, love them because they are such a valuable tool in raising children. Fontaine, Samaniego or Aesop are some of the most famous authors and these are some of their most outstanding works.

Many times children, like our friend Uga, the turtle, do not face a challenge because they lack that push or those words (in this case from their friend the ant) ​​to make an effort and do things. Below we have compiled some 'magic phrases' that will allow you to instill in your children that strength they need to make their dreams come true.

1. You can get where you want.

2. To make dreams come true, you have to lose your fear of being wrong.

3. Sometimes the right way is not always the easiest.

4. Don't worry about failing, remember to learn from mistakes and applaud yourself for trying.

5. I'm sure you can do it.

6. Try it! It doesn't matter if you don't get it, the important thing is to learn.

7. Sometimes the way to success is attitude.

8. Always do the impossible, don't give up!

9. Only those who dream can fly.

10. Your dreams are lies that one day will cease to be.

11. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, no matter where you are, I will always love you!

12. He who never fails is not great, but he who does not give up.

13. You are better than you were yesterday, but not as good as you will be tomorrow.

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