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10 stories for children that talk about love

10 stories for children that talk about love

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Children's fables and stories help educate children in the most important values ​​in life. One of them is love and respect for everything that surrounds them. Therefore, in Guiainfantil we have compiled a series of stories for children that speak of love.

The bond that is created between parents and children when you read a story to your little one is something that cannot be explained. Hence, it is advisable to share a pleasant reading time and get into the fantastic world of children's stories.

With these10 children's stories Your children will learn the importance of living loving and respecting people and the environment that surrounds them. Each of these fables will bring you a new lesson through fantastic stories that will develop your imagination. Do not hesitate to read them together before going to sleep, in the afternoon, when you wake up ... Actually, any time of the day is a good time to share a wonderful story.

1. The fire princess
This tale begins with a great announcement for the entire kingdom: The princess is going to marry the one who brings her the most valuable, sincere and tender gift! Who would earn the honor of holding his hand? In this story, the main princess will realize that true love does not come wrapped in gold or cost a lot of money.

2. A love without mistakes
This story that talks about a love relationship is very special. And, in addition to talking to children about this emotion, it teaches them why you always have to write an M in front of the B, instead of an N (as happens in words like 'hamburger' or 'fireman'). And the thing is ... these two letters are in love!

3. The swan princess
This story is a classic among love stories for children. As it has an intricate plot, it is best to read this story with your child. A sorcerer casts a spell on Princess Odette, who turns into a swan every night. The enamored prince will do everything possible to help him out of the spell.

4. A bunny like the others
There are few things that have so much power with love, and the rabbit protagonist of this story did not take long to discover it. After receiving teasing and inappropriate comments from his friends, the rabbit began to be suspicious. However, when you finally begin to feel loved, your attitude and outlook on life will change.

There is love between two people who like each other, but there is also love towards parents, towards siblings, towards friends, towards oneself ... And the stories that we propose below speak of these very special feelings.

5. From smile to smile
What if one morning we woke up and everyone's smile had faded? What a scare! Luckily, it was all a dream ... And Patricia learned that a smile is a very important gesture of love that can never be erased from our face. Share this beautiful story with your children ... and give them the biggest smile of your love!

6. Guantín and Guantón
If you are looking for a story that talks about the love between brothers, this story of Guantín and Guantón will enchant you. It is intended for all those brothers who are always fighting but who do not know how to live without each other.

7. The bee and the dove
This is a fable by Rafael Pombo that explains to children the love towards friends. It is a story in verse that talks about a pigeon that was able to save a bee that was drowning. Some time later, when the bee saw that a hunter was about to capture the pigeon, it stung him to distract him so that it could flee. And that's what friends do, help each other!

8. The Pompous Bear
We must teach children to love themselves, as it is the guarantee for them to have good self-esteem. And this story, called 'The Pompous Bear', teaches them to be themselves despite other people criticizing them.

9. Starfish
The starfish is in love with his friend the octopus. However, he does not reciprocate. At first, the protagonist of the story is willing to forget her way of being and everything she likes to get the octopus's attention. But she finally realizes that it is better to love herself.

10. A cat in distress
Family love is unconditional. So when one of its members needs help, everyone goes out of their way to help out. This is what happens in the family of cats protagonist of this story. Do not miss this story turned into a play with which you can organize a theatrical performance at home.

In addition to the 10 stories that we have proposed previously, we cannot fail to bring you some classic stories that have amazed several generations of children. In all of them they talk about love. Some, like 'Rapunzel' or 'Snow White', refer to romantic love; while others treat the love between parents and children, like 'Pinocchio'; or love for friends, like 'Peter Pan'.

Enjoy them a lot as a family!

And what other resources are at our disposal to educate children in love? Here are some ideas.

- Chat about what love is for your children
One of the most effective and necessary ways for children to learn new values ​​and concepts is by chatting with them. Therefore, we propose a little reflection: what is love for your child? After answering this question yourself, ask your little one about them. Based on her response, you will know if you are offering her a suitable love model.

Often the first type of love that comes to mind is romantic love: that of princes who save princesses or that of half oranges who meet and unite their souls eternally. However, do we want to teach our children that love must be so submissive?

We stop at the study carried out by Victoria Ferrer and Esperanza Bosch, from the University of the Balearic Islands, for the journal Profesorado (curriculum and teacher training journal) entitled 'From romantic love to gender violence. For an emotional coeducation of the educational agenda '. In this work it is explained that romantic love, the one we often see in movies, is the basis on which romantic relationships are built today. And this, due to its characteristics, is linked to the maintenance of some of the stereotypes (men cannot be sensitive, women need men to save themselves ...) that perpetuate gender violence.

Reading studies like the one above should make us reflect on the kind of love that we are teaching and fostering among children. Therefore, chatting with our child about the way we perceive this emotion is very important.

- The thermometer of love
An experiment like this, in which you will build a fun love thermometer, will serve as an excuse to talk about what falling in love is and how you feel when you are in love. Also, activities like this are a great way to bring children closer to science.

- Poems that speak of love
Like stories, poetry is a great educational resource for children to learn what love is. For this reason, in Guiainfantil we have made a compilation of very romantic short poems to read and recite with the children.

- The hidden messages
This is a very useful game to work on love as a family. It is about having a notepad and a pen in a corner of the house; Anytime someone wants to say something nice to another family member, they just have to go there and write it down. 'I love you', 'Thank you for making me food', 'I've had a great time playing with you' ... these are just some examples of phrases that we can use. Now the only thing left to do is hide it in a drawer or hiding place at home ... and wait for the recipient of the message to receive it!

From Guiainfantil we can only say one thing: long live love!

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