Girls and boys born on Tuesday and 13. A sign of bad luck?

Girls and boys born on Tuesday and 13. A sign of bad luck?

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If your son or daughter has born on Tuesday and 13, do not worry! It is one more day like any other on the calendar. The bad reputation that precedes this date has no scientific basis and there is no reason to think that the fate and future of the child will bring bad luck. In fact, there are people who think just the opposite and use 13 as an amulet and even bet on that number in games of chance, not to mention traditions and cultures in which 13 is sacred (for the Mayans, the number thirteen had a special and sacred meaning since it represented the thirteen lunar phases).

Did you know that there are people who really have a phobia of the number 13? They suffer from what is called trezidavomarthiophobia or triscaidecaphobia, which comes from the Greek word 'triscaideca' (means thirteen), and from 'phobos' (fear). But the bad omen of Tuesday the 13th is clearly a myth, but if you have to analyze any reason why it is considered a bad day:

Mars, a planet of destruction
In Spain, Greece and some of the Latin American countries, Tuesday the 13th is an unlucky day because Tuesday comes from the planet Mars and Mars is considered the red planet, a planet of blood, war and destruction, because Mars is the god Roman of war.

Confusion at the Tower of Babel
It is said that on Tuesday the 13th the division of languages ​​took place at the Tower of Babel. After the universal flood, the descendants of Noah decided to build a very tall tower so that, if an event like that were repeated, they could be saved from the water. Men wanted to get to heaven and God was angered by their pride and caused them to stop speaking the same language. In this way, they could not be understood to continue with the project and this is how the different languages ​​emerge.

The Last Supper
13 is also a number that is identified with the Last Supper, since there were 13 attendees, Jesus and his twelve disciples. The number 13 is assigned to the betrayal of Judas. Also in the Bible in Revelation the number 13 corresponds to the Antichrist.

Wicked spirits
The Kabbalah, the mystical and allegorical interpretation of the Old Testament typical of the Jewish tradition, speaks of 13 evil spirits. There is also a Scandinavian legend that says that, at a dinner of the gods in Valhalla, the thirteenth guest was Loki, an evil spirit.

The Hammurabi code
Traditionally it was believed that the king of Babylon did not include the number 13 in the first set of laws in history, the Hammurabi code. This included the laws he had received from the god Marduk to promote well-being among the citizens. But it turns out that, apparently, it was not an order from the king, but rather a mistake by the scribe who went from rule 12 to 14 and forgot about 13.

The Spanish proverb
Much to blame for the bad reputation of Tuesday and 13 is the well-known saying 'On 13 and Tuesday, neither get married, nor embark, nor leave your home'. This saying means that Tuesday the 13th are not a good day to undertake any important project.

In mythology
Tuesday was also considered a cursed day because it was the day Typhon was born. It is a primitive divinity related to hurricanes. He was the son of Gaea, he climbed the sky and wanted to destroy Zeus for having defeated the Titans. He ripped the tendons out of Zeus, but Hermes returned them to Zeus and thus was able to finish off Typhon.

Fall of Constantinople
The fall of Constantinople, which marked the end of the Middle Ages in Europe and the end of the Eastern Roman Empire, seems to have also occurred on Tuesday, Tuesday, May 29, 1453. From here on, Tuesday began to be considered a disastrous day.

Jaime I of Aragon
Some historical references also cross out Tuesday as a bad omen day. For example, it was the day that King Jaime of Aragon lost a battle. The chronicle says: 'The damage was such and the massacre that from then on the common people began to call that day, which was Tuesday, an ominous and ominous'.

The nameless
Many people don't even want to verbalize 13 and resort to saying 12 +1. There are people who do not want to fly by plane on Tuesday and 13 and, because of this, many airlines do not have seat number 13.

Tarot card number 13 represents death and eternal misfortune. His name is The XIII Arcanum. You just have to see it, it is a skeleton with a scythe in its left hand with which it cuts a child's head and that of a king to confirm that no one escapes from death.

In any case, as you will see, there is no compelling reason to think that Tuesday 13 brings a bad omen. If your baby was born or will be born on a day like this, think about how special the date is and when he grows up separate him from these false beliefs and myths and tell him that good luck will always be on his side.

Now that we know that Tuesday the 13th has nothing to do with bad luck, it's time to discover what the boys and girls born on Tuesday the 13th are and will be.

- What the day of the week says about your child
Being born on a Tuesday is linked, as we have explained before, to the planet Mars. This means that we are before boys and girls with a lot of character who will fight with all their might to achieve their objectives and goals. They will stand out for their ability to work!

They are also said to be stubborn and may have some conflicts with their peers. They will always want to be right, it will be difficult for them to see other points of view and many enmities will be created. Only those who dare to meet them are lucky enough to discover very affectionate and sensitive people who like to put on their warrior armor so as not to show their weaknesses.

- What numerology says about your child
Another way to get ahead and discover what your little one is like is through numerology. The number 13 is made up of 1, a digit related to leadership and positivism; and number 3, linked to people with great social gifts and a great interest in learning.

On the other hand, the sum of both results in 4. It is said that the children who are accompanied by this number are creative, honest, responsible and emotionally very stable.

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