He scared my child. Lyrics and video of children's songs

He scared my child. Lyrics and video of children's songs

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There is nothing as relaxing and cuddly as a lullaby or lullaby, right? They are ideal for cradling and putting babies and children to sleep. Thinking about it, has published the lyrics and a beautiful illustrated video of the nana Scared my child. We hope you like it!

The arrorró is a lullaby of origin from the Canary Islands, Spain. It is a lullaby with melodious, slow and tender verses, ideal for rocking and cradling babies.

My child scared,

my sun scared,

scrapped piece

from my heart.

this cute boy

he wants to sleep

and the rogue dream

does not want to come

this cute boy

who was born at night

wants to be taken

for a car ride

This cute boy

already wants to sleep;

make him the crib

rose and jasmine.

My child scared,

my sun scared,

fall asleep piece

from my heart.

Lullabies are a good tool to ensure that children's sleep comes soon and that our little ones can fall asleep in a loving and melodious way.

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Mother's verses. Verses de la madre is a lullaby written by Gloria Fuertes. Lullabies and lullabies are a nice way to put children to sleep. With this song if the child does not fall asleep. Learn to sing to your baby this beautiful lullaby to help him sleep well.

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Singing to your baby has many health benefits for your little one. Many studies support that the use of lullabies or lullabies from pregnancy until early childhood is an excellent resource to calm the baby. Learn about other benefits of lullabies for babies:

1. Lullabies stimulate language development. Babies who listen to lullabies can acquire better language skills.

2. The lullabies help calm, relax and reassure the baby, not only at bedtime, but also in situations of fatigue, stress or pain.

3. When the baby is sung, the mother's bond with him and attachment is stimulated.

4. Lullabies help stabilize the emotional of babies. It gives them confidence, security and protection, and improves their mood.

5. Singing to the baby favors his cognitive, motor and social development.

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