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Tale in verse of the coronavirus that teaches children not to get infected

Tale in verse of the coronavirus that teaches children not to get infected

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'Mom, what is the coronavirus? And the COVID-19? And why can't we go outside? ' These days, it is possible that your children have asked you some of these questions and it is that we live an extraordinary situation of quarantine due to coronavirus. To explain in a fun and simple way to children what coronavirus is and how we can prevent its spread, Marisa Alonso has written a story in verse entitled 'The king of the moment (the coronavirus)'. You do not miss the hype!

After the poem you will find some reading comprehension questions as well as other educational resources to talk to children about the coronavirus and some activities that will make confinement more enjoyable.

Below you will see this story in verse. You are going to love it! It is a fun poetry that consists of 9 stanzas; each of them has 4 verses. Do you dare to learn the poem as a family and recite it all together? You can record yourself on video and send it with love to your friends and family. Since you can't see them in person now, they are sure to be very excited to see you having fun on the screen.

I am coronavirus,

the king of the moment,

and for the children

Stay in your house,

You must stay!

If not unintentionally

I can do you wrong

Take precautions,

You must do it!

And if you listen to me

long before I'll go.

Now at ease

I can walk

think about where you play

It's fundamental.

Pay close attention!

Wash often

with water and soap.

When sneezing,

if you are going to cough,

arm in mouth

you must wear.

Take advantage at home

to rest,

play, paint, sing,

If you don't listen to me

I can infect you

Stay in your house!

I don't want to make you sick.

I am coronavirus

the king of the moment

Do you want me to go?

Apply the story!

Before proposing other activities to teach your child how to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we suggest you work on the story a little more thoroughly. These quarantine times can be used to rstrengthen some of the knowledge that children have learned in school. Therefore, below you will find some exercises related to reading comprehension, but also to spelling and grammar.

- Reading comprehension questions
From these questions you can evaluate if your child has understood the story in verse or if he was not paying too much attention. Don't forget that you can lread the poem every time what you want.

  • What have you understood that the coronavirus is?
  • Should we stay home or go outside?
  • Why is it important to wash your hands?
  • How do you wash your hands?
  • How should we sneeze?

- We review the rules of accents
We have a challenge! How many sharp words can you find? (Remember, those with the stressed syllable last). And flat? (with the stressed syllable in the penultimate place). Is there any esdrújula? (the stressed syllable is the penultimate).

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- What time are these verbs in?
Discover the mode, time, person and number of these verbs extracted from the story.

  • You do
  • Spread
  • I will go

At this time, it is essential to educate children about the importance of having good hygiene habits to avoid the spread of the virus. Fortunately, according to experts, children in good health do not suffer serious consequences when they contract the virus. However, they can be transmitters. Therefore, we must teach them to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

- The game of washing hands well
Thanks to this game we will get the children to wash their hands several times during the day. It involves painting a small coronavirus on the back of your child's hand with a marker. The objective is that throughout the day your children wash their hands as many times as necessary so that the drawing is erased. The fight against the coronavirus has begun!

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- Songs for hand washing to befunny
So that the moment of washing hands is not perceived by children as a boredom or a burden, we suggest you liven it up with nursery rhymes. This way you can also control the time that the little ones spend washing their hands: they should be rubbed with soap and water until the song stops playing (and we will make sure that this is more than 30 seconds).

- Pepper experiment
Many experts are using the famous 'Running Pepper' experiment to explain to children why it is so important to wash your hands with soap and water. Preparing it is very simple, you just have to take a deep plate and add water and pepper. Pepper, in this case, represents the coronavirus.

If we touch the surface of the water with our finger, nothing will happen (except that we get our finger wet). However, if we put soap on our finger and touch the surface of the water ... the pepper will be removed! The same thing happens with viruses when we wash with soap and water.

- Elbow rap
For children to learn first-hand the importance of coughing and sneezing into the inner side of the elbow, we have the perfect song: elbow rap!

And to make the days of quarantine for coronavirus more entertaining, we propose other games and educational resources that you can put into practice at home.

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