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Table of tasks that a child can do according to their age

Table of tasks that a child can do according to their age

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Parents tend to consider our children babies for much longer than they really are. We take on tasks like making their beds, picking up their toys or preparing their clothes even though they could do them themselves without any problem.

Far from helping them, we are hurting them with this kind of attitude. We do not let them be autonomous, grow, learn or be independent. What's more, we also harm ourselves, since in addition to work and home tasks, we do the children's tasks, filling us with stress, the great evil that plagues us parents. To avoid this, in we propose this table of tasks that a child can do according to their age.

The Montessori method, recognized by experts around the world, is based on achieving the child's autonomy. In addition, experts, pedagogues and psychologists advocate the same. Children can dress themselves, tie their shoes, clean up their room, set the table, load the dishwasher, make their bed ... Parents, on many occasions we do not demand these homework children and we are the ones who make them lazy and little responsible.

However, for a child to be responsible we must endow him with the ability to be autonomous, to be able to make his homework, and do them well. However, we cannot require a 2-year-old to make his bed, or a 4-year-old to walk the dog. It is important to take into account the age or maturity of the child to hold him accountable.

In our site we have elaborated this household chores chart which shows what tasks you can ask your child based on their age. Oh, and don't wait for tomorrow, your child can start today, print it out and remember it every day.

Is task table It is inspired by the Montessori table, however, on our site we have adapted it according to our experience and that of the experts we have consulted. Making them comply can be a difficult task, but it will not be if we are constant and follow these tips:

- Positive reinforcement
It is very important that we remind our children how well they are doing at home. Praising and praising the child's work has a dramatic impact on him.

- Explain how the tasks are done
We cannot take it for granted that they have to know how to do them, we have to teach them to put away their toys, to fold their clothes or to wash the pots. Accompanying and guiding them in the household tasks is essential.

- Be an example
If we are disorderly, put off our tasks until tomorrow or protest every time we have to carry them out, children will imitate our behavior and become lazy.

- Take into account the ability of your child
It is not necessary to be faithful to the table of household chores that we have prepared, you can create your own taking into account the abilities and capacities of your child. Maybe he'll be capable of more by age 5, or you need to lower the bar.

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