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11 fun home games for teens as an alternative to mobile

11 fun home games for teens as an alternative to mobile

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There is life beyond the screens, although sometimes our teenagers are not able to see it. Parents must teach them that there is another type of leisure within the home that, in addition to being entertaining, allows us to spend time together. Therefore, below we propose some activities and games at home for teens to find fun alternatives to mobile or the tablet.

We almost always talk about how important play is for the smallest of the house, and at our disposal we have infinite resources, games and activities that we can carry out inside our houses. But little is said about games and activities for the oldest in the house.

As adolescence approaches, the game is taking a back seat and the social area is gaining more importance. Games are limited to online video games or sports. However, we cannot forget that play is important at any stage of life. Some of its benefits that we cannot ignore are:

- Facilitates contact with other people.

- Makes teens disconnect from routines.

- Develop creativity.

- And most importantly, it amuses them.

Knowing how necessary the game is, too the one that goes beyond the screens, below we make some proposals. First for adolescents from 12 to 14 years old and later, for those who are over 15 years old.

The games that are proposed are designed to be played with family or friends, they involve the presence of other people and recover games for which we do not need large materials or resources.

1. Broken phone
It is a very fun traditional game for which we do not need any material. It is about passing a message to the ear, saying it as quickly as possible and the last person to hear it has to decipher what it is about. To play we need to be at least 4 people.

2. Play movies
The ideal is to play in teams, at least two and two people in each team, but we can only play two people. It's about mimicking and gesturing the title of a movie and having the other person on your team guess it. You can do the same, but by guessing words.

3. Board games
Chess, checkers or Backgammon; Life-long games that test and train players' planning skills, strategic thinking, attention and concentration.

4. Experiments and science
It is about looking for simple experiments that we can perform at home with the materials that we normally have at hand, so we can learn properties of the materials or put into practice concepts learned at school or institute.

5. Pencil and paper games
Games with pencil and paper are an excellent alternative to mobile: games like stop (also known as tutti frutti, baccalaureate or enough), 3 in a row or Sink the fleet.

6. The liar
It is a card game, in which we can play two or more people. The objective of the game is to throw cards to the center, turn by turn, until we run out of cards. On each turn, each player has to get rid of his cards little by little, saying out loud which cards he throws. It can be true or false. The player who goes next may or may not believe the move. If you believe it, go and throw your cards, if you don't believe it, pick up the cards. If he catches the liar, he will take all the cards in the center, but if he has told the truth, the player who uncovers the cards takes all the cards in the center and loses his turn.

If your child is 15 years old or older, they will like these games too.

7. Riddles and brain teasers
These games and puzzles help us to exercise deductive ability, problem solving, creativity, visuospatial ability, or logical thinking. We can try to solve them alone, or in company, with friends or brothers. They are some like the Rubik's cube, the pentominoes, etc.

8. Table games
Beyond the traditional games of goose, Parcheesi (or Ludo) or Trivial, board games are becoming more and more fashionable and in stores they are more and more present. They are a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends or family. The best thing about these games is that they test imagination, creativity, planning and strategy.

9. Individual card games
We can play cards as a family, but also each one alone. Have you taught your teenagers to play classic Solitaire?

10. Video Forum
Beyond watching movies with the family, we can look for movies with a 'message', that make them reflect on social or moral values, or that help them to know, understand and reflect on recent history, Movies like 'Babel', 'The gardener faithful ',' The Hunt ',' City of God ',' The tongue of butterflies' ...

11. A play
Although they may be a bit reluctant at first, putting on a family play can be a lot of fun. Maybe someone discovers a new vocation!

During the time that adolescents spend at home, we must also encourage them to become involved in the maintenance and cleaning of the home as well as in family planning and organization. To achieve this, we propose some ideas.

- Activities for adolescents between 12 and 14 years old
Plan the menus for the week and organize the purchase according to a budget. It is about teenagers taking part in household chores beyond taking care of their chores (cleaning the room, collaborating on housework such as setting the table or throwing out the garbage). This gives them a more active role in the home and gives them greater responsibility.

- That young people from 15 years old get involved at home
Find recipes and prepare a healthy cookbook. Adolescence is a stage in which boys and girls tend to worry about food, but they do not always have a healthy and balanced diet. Therefore, we can propose this activity, in which they have to look for ideas for balanced, varied and healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and prepare a recipe book, look for the ingredients and prepare the recipes they have chosen.

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