Game of fitting figures. Homemade toy crafts

Game of fitting figures. Homemade toy crafts

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Surely you have seen in many stores these beautiful games of fitting figures. They are Ideal toys for babies because it helps them to stimulate and develop motor skills. They learn not only about different sizes, colors, and geometric shapes, but they also gain skill with their hands and stimulate their vision.

On our site we suggest that, instead of buying one for your child, you make it yourself, at home, in an easy, fast and very economical way.


  • 1 cardboard box (shoe, bag ...)
  • Pieces of cardboard
  • Cutter
  • Brush
  • Paint the color you want
  • Marker pen
  • Decorative tape

Follow our step by step and you can create a homemade toy of easily nestable parts. A recycling children's craft made with only cardboard to create homemade toys for babies.

1- Draw and cut figures on cardboard with a cutter, we have made a heart, star, square and circle.

2. Paint the cardboard box, we have used blue paint.

3. Draw the shapes on the lid using the ones you've already cut out as a template. Go over the edge of the drawings with felt-tip pen and cut them out.

4. Embellish the holes with decorative tape and marker.

5. Put the lid on the box and… our figure matching game is ready!

And here you have the video with the step by step of this homemade toy craft to teach babies to fit figures in different ways.

Play and toys are great tools to stimulate children's development. Playing with babies and children is, in addition to being rewarding, very stimulating for their creativity and imagination, concentration, socialization, apart from promoting their physical and communication skills, it helps them process their emotions and their growth.

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