15 Greek names for boys and girls with the most beautiful meanings

15 Greek names for boys and girls with the most beautiful meanings

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Can you think of names for boys and girls that have Greek origin? Although they seem to have a very exotic origin, they are actually quite common names that we hear every day. In GuiaInfantil we have made a small compilation with some of the Greek names that have the most beautiful meanings. They are sure to inspire you to find that special nickname you are looking for for the baby that is kicking you in your belly right now.

As you can see below, we have accompanied all baby names with their meaning and the date on which their saints are celebrated.

The Greek heritage has left us with great names that are still used very frequently among babies today. Let's see some of them. Specifically, we start with the names for girls that we like the most.

1. Sofia
Do you know any Sofia? Surely yes! Well, it is a very popular name for girls. It is very nice to the ear because of the letters that form it, but when you know what its meaning is, you will like it even more: 'wisdom'. The date on which his saint is celebrated is September 30, by the Christian martyr Santa Sofia.

2. Alicia
Alicia is one of those baby names that transmit strength, that's why so many parents have chosen it for their daughters. As you may have already guessed, its origin is Greek and means 'true'. On June 11, the name day of this name is celebrated in honor of Santa Alicia de Schaerbeek.

3. Elena
You may know the odd Elena (without H), but also Helena (with H). This is a very Greek sounding name, thanks to Helen of Troy. It means 'resplendent' and the day of its saint is August 18 by Saint Helena of Constantinople, mother of Emperor Constantine.

4. Agnes
The elegance conveyed by the name of Inés is unmatched. Also, its meaning is beautiful: 'pure' or 'innocent'. Do not forget to congratulate the girls who bear this name on January 21, as this is the day of the saints for the Roman martyr of this name.

5. Irene
Directly from remote Greece comes the name Irene which means 'peace'. It is undoubtedly a very nice and direct name, although some people shorten it to the diminutive Ire. One of the most common dates to celebrate the saint of this name is October 20, in honor of the Portuguese saint Santa Irene de Tancor.

6. Balm
If you are looking for a sweet name, Melisa is a good option because its meaning is related to bees and honey. The most common day to celebrate her birthday is September 15, for the martyr Santa Melitina.

7. Monica
'Lonely' or 'who loves loneliness', these are the most common meanings that experts associate with the name Monica. Saint Monica was a holy woman who was born in Algeria and who celebrates her saint on August 27.

8. Nerea
How about calling your daughter Nerea? It is a very sweet and melodious sounding name. If you like it, you have to know what 'the one that flows' means. His saint is on May 12, like that of San Nereo.

Now let's get to know some names for boys that you might like! Like the previous ones, these also find their origin in Greek.

9. Hector
Hector is a name for a Trojan prince, so he conveys great power. It means 'well-educated person'. October 9 is the day of San Héctor Valdivielso, a holy man from Argentina.

10. George
Giving your child the name Jorge is always a hit! As you may already know, the origin of this nickname dates back to Greece and refers to the people who work the land. His special day is April 23, which coincides with the day of the book.

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11. Nicholas
If your baby has come into your life to win you over, Nicolás or Nico is a good name for him. And it means 'winner' or 'conqueror'. The two most common dates to celebrate your saint are December 6 and March 21; the first in honor of San Nicolás de Bari (the predecessor of Santa Claus) and the second by San Nicolás de Flüe.

12. Angel
Angel is a beautiful name for boys that means 'messenger'. In this case, we have to celebrate May 5, for Saint Angel of Sicily, and February 6 for Saint Angel of Furcio.

13. Alexander
If you are looking for a beautiful name that transmits serenity, Alejandro is going to like you. Its meaning is 'the one who protects men' and its most common diminutive, Álex. You should also know that his saint is, among other dates, February 26.

14. Eros
In Greek mythology Eros the god of love, making it a lovely name for a baby. Its meaning is the most romantic, since it directly refers to this feeling. There are saints that reserve June 24 to celebrate the saint of this name.

15. Rudder
And finally, we propose a name that, although it is more peculiar, is still precious. How about calling your baby Timon? Without a doubt, it is a very fun and original option. Did you know what 'honor' means?

Have you already found two or three Greek names that you like for your baby? Great! Now you just have to decide between these options. What will be the winner?

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