Phrases to motivate athletic children inspired by Simone Biles

Phrases to motivate athletic children inspired by Simone Biles

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Simone Biles shines with her own light on the podium of the world's great athletes, but her path to savoring success has not been easy. His childhood was tough, with hardly any financial resources to survive and a broken family. However, she had a talent and a passion, rhythmic gymnastics, and she fought her way to number one. Simone Biles can be a great example for sporty children. Card some of his phrases loaded with great values!

But in addition to her sporting achievements, Simone Biles has become famous for the spectacular jumps that she usually includes in her floor routines; jumps that are usually done only by male athletes, due to their degree of difficulty.

Beyond his physical power, Biles also has great confidence to speak into a microphone and put things in their place, especially when it comes to recognizing his own achievements and the great work that lies behind them.

We have selected some of his quotes that can serve as inspiration to transmit some values ​​to children in their sports practices.

Self esteem
'I'm not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I'm Simone Biles. ' If the American gymnast has emphasized something, it is that they give her her place, without comparisons, especially with male references. Many times, what we adults name as a quality in a man, we consider as a weakness in a woman.

Simone Biles emphasizes that if you are good or very good at something, you do not have to feel sorry to admit it. Finally, behind it there is also a great job on your part. Valuing and accepting their qualities is a great tool that we can teach children.

Enjoy what you do
"At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, then it was a good day." The life of athletes is full of practices, sometimes very strict routines, but being clear about why it is done gives a real meaning to the fact of getting up every day to do it.

Showing our children that everything they do can have a more or less fun or enjoyable side, will help them make some things lighter and even find more creative solutions.

'Going out into the world and showing what I can do has taught me a lot about who I am.' When you consider yourself as your own competition, you can learn a lot about your limits, your strengths, when you are giving it your all, when you can give more.

A great athlete not only has enormous physical strength, but also a lot of character and a capacity for introspection that he uses to also grow as a person, beyond his recognition. This, for children, can be fundamental: knowing that the practice of a sport can also help them grow emotionally.

Concentration on the here and now
'I take things one step at a time.' Goals are achieved little by little, working every day to reach them. Instead of fantasizing about distant scenarios and letting pressure become a stressor, like certain future competition, better focus on what you can do: train and do your best today. Tomorrow will be another day. Many times, children, unlike adults, are the true experts in living in the moment. Let's live it with them.

'We can push ourselves further. We always have more to give. ' Many times, the biggest obstacle to overcome is your own mind ... Not just to play a sport or compete, even to simply get up early and go to training or practice instead of falling asleep longer or doing something that involves less effort.

Through sports, children can learn that effort has its rewards, and that they can always try a little harder each day. Especially if something is difficult for them or they like it. The reward for overcoming that obstacle is one of great personal satisfaction, as when they finally manage to put a puzzle together on their own.

Have aspirations
"It is inspiring to young athletes that there are so many more records that can be broken." Setting goals also makes sense of playing a sport. With a specific goal, we can motivate minors to work on their perseverance, effort or dedication.

'I was made like this for a reason, so I'm going to use it.' We tend to point out what makes us different from the rest, underestimating the fact that what makes us unique also makes us stronger. A child can learn that his personal characteristics do not necessarily make him more or less than others. They make him be who he is and from there, give his best.

"I'd rather regret the risks that didn't work than the opportunities I missed." In order to achieve something, you must first try. Sometimes children are afraid of doing something for fear of 'making a mistake', of not succeeding. What better teaching for them than to discover that the ‘mistake’, the ‘not achieving it’, is actually learning and makes them stronger.

The importance of the team
'The team comes first'. You can be very good at a sport, but you can be better when you work as a team. By living and collaborating with other children, children learn that even if they have certain skills, others can always teach you a lot and it does not make you less to recognize the strengths of others. Unlike. In addition, working as a team can also inspire and motivate them to keep practicing.

Children can have references such as Simone Biles, Rafa Nadal or any other elite athlete to inspire them to improve themselves and achieve their goals. We can also show them stories and fictional stories that tell them about values. Here you have a selection!

I don't know how to tie my shoelaces. Short poem for children about frustration. This short poem for children talks about frustration, an emotion that children must learn to handle. It's titled I Can't Tie My Laces, and it can also encourage your kids to learn how to tie their shoes. We accompany him with activities and exercises.

The wise donkey. Children's poem about the importance of effort in study. For your children to learn the importance of working, striving and persevering in what one does to achieve results, in this case, learning to read, we suggest that you read with your children this children's poem about the importance of effort in study: wise donkey. Then ask him some reading comprehension questions to find out if he understood the poetry.

Lucky becomes famous. Fable for children about humility. The value of humility is something that few children know and that nevertheless we must bear in mind. Being a humble person helps us empathize with others and be kinder to them. That is why with this fable we can teach the child the importance of being humble so as not to lose our friends.

Amadeo's passion. Story that encourages children to pursue their dreams. How can we explain to our children that dreams should never be abandoned? 'Amadeo's passion' is a story that encourages children to pursue their dreams and do what they really like and motivate them and that will allow you to talk to them about self-improvement.


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