Original ideas to organize a gymkhana with children at home

Original ideas to organize a gymkhana with children at home

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There are times when we cannot leave the house and ideas or resources to entertain our children run out. I propose a game for which you don't need much, just a good dose of imagination and a desire for adventure. It is about the gymkhana or treasure hunt. A blank note taped to the closet door at the end of the hall may be the start of the game. Not sure where to start? Here you have originals ideas for organizing a gymkhana with the children at home.

The gymkhana is one of the funniest games that causes the most emotion in children, that entertains them the most and with which a number of very interesting values ​​and educational aspects can be worked on. In addition, it is not limited to any space so it can be played within our own home.

- Develop intelligence
Depending on the age of our children, different tests can be designed for everyone to participate according to their level: solve different mathematical problems, decipher a riddle or riddle, say a tongue twister, translate a message in English or another language ...

- Promotes teamwork and coordination
This game carries a clear message of teamwork and coordination. Adults may have to give some help in this matter at the beginning, since what is involved is that everyone participates, passes tests according to their level and has fun. Older participants can help with indications to the youngest ones, who have to solve it themselves (the adult can also regulate).

You can also take turns solving clues to ensure that everyone participates. It is important, in this sense, to respect them, and even more, to abide by the decision made by the player for that turn. Failure is not a problem, it is a new opportunity to review what has been done wrong and remedy it, a circumstance from which everyone must learn.

- Promotes inclusion and equality
Teamwork, coordination and respect, which are the basis of this game, will guarantee the inclusion of everyone, that is, the capacities of the different participants, ages and sex will be taken into account. The development of the game will show children that their skills are good at solving certain situations that arise; Instead, there will be times when they fail or are other colleagues, more skilled in that specific issue, who solve them. Everyone counts, because the team's success lies in the sum of efforts.

- Helps mental flexibility and concentration
The capacity of this game for the surprise factor (which the tracks offer), for intuition, deduction and improvisation are unique. Instructions can be given where the participants have to reason, deduce, put their abstract thinking into operation and make a lot of sense of imagination. They have to be very concentrated in all the details since any word, drawing or sign can hide, behind it, a clue that allows to advance in the game. Surprising them so that they have to think differently is a goal that children work on and it serves to activate their minds.

- It has a positive impact on self-esteem and the desire to improve
Obviously the quality of the game is also in giving it a dose of complexity. In this sense, it is intended to increase the child's ability to overcome tests that are somewhat more complex than usual or that are presented in a different way than they are used to, less clear, more abstract. Even so, the development of the game itself has to give them the possibility to advance to reinforce their self-esteem and provide them with the necessary satisfaction to play on future occasions.

And now is the time to start playing. Do you want to know varieties of gymkhanas that you can make with your children throughout the house? Perhaps one of the most common is to find notes scattered throughout the house. Discovering one takes you to the next, and so on, you continue until you find the final prize or treasure. It is more fun and more interesting, if instead of directly indicating the place where the next clue is hidden, children find out by deduction.

Another variety would be the one in which children have to discover the different parts of a map where the place where the treasure is hidden is indicated. To win each of the parts and assemble the map, they will have to solve, as indicated above, logic or mathematics problems, match the capitals of different countries that are proposed, build a puzzle or puzzle in a certain time, say a tongue twister without making a mistake, deciphering a riddle ...

Other types of gymkhanas are those aimed at overcoming physical challenges and skill such as looking for the hidden clue in a series of balloons to be exploded (the clue is hidden in one, while the rest are filled with flour, water or other substances); make a skill circuit with a boiled egg in a spoon held in the mouth, peel an apple without breaking the shell, etc.

In short, a good opportunity to stay at home and participate as a family in a game in which the grown-ups organize, the little ones play and everyone enjoys.

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