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Hello Don Pepito Hello Don Jose. Children's songs

Hello Don Pepito Hello Don Jose. Children's songs

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. presents a selection of the best children's songs recommended by parents. Know the lyrics of the most popular children's songs and enjoy singing and dancing with your children.

Music helps to stimulate the little ones from the time they are babies, and even during pregnancy. Children's songs help them improve their coordination, reflexes and creativity.

They were two quetinos guys,

they were two half nutty guys.

They were two almost divine types,

they were two broken guys.

If they were in a corner

or were they in the cafe

always heard with a very fine voice

the health of Don José:

- Hello Don Pepito

- Hello Don José

- Have you already passed home?

- At your house I walk

- Did you see my grandmother?

- I saw to your grandmother

- Goodbye Don Pepito

- Goodbye Don José

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