13 games to do with children on the terrace or patio at home

13 games to do with children on the terrace or patio at home

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Whoever has a terrace or patio at home has a treasure, not only because it is an ideal space for gardening or to enjoy reading time, but also because it is the perfect corner of the house for children to play, have a great time and flaunt that wonderful imagination you have. We propose a few game ideas to do with children on the terrace or in the backyard. You will see how entertaining they are going to have from now on!

Do you have a terrace or patio at home? Perfect! Then you already have the ideal place for your children to play and have a great time. Surely they already put it to good use, but since our thing is to give you ideas, here are 13 proposals for siblings to do with each other or to make the whole family on the terrace or patio of the house. They are simple, fun and educational ideas that you are going to love!

And it is that as the report 'Playing as a family: discovering the cooperative game', elaborated by 'the game is a wonderful tool to bring us closer to the happiness and pleasure of all the people of the family nucleus regardless of age'.

1. An exciting gymkhana on the terrace of the house
It does not matter if the terrace of your house is small or large, you will always be able to do a most entertaining gymkhana. To do this, ask your children to come up with some ideas, for example, jump on the limp a few times, go around some cubes, do a cartwheel on some cushions and, before reaching the goal, solve a puzzle. What sounds great? You participate too!

2. Tent
Surely your children spend hours and hours inside a homemade tent, especially when it is cold, because you have to know that it is another great idea for them to do on the terrace and protect themselves from the heat. Use sheets and light fabrics, if you have space you can even put an umbrella. Suggest that they take their favorite story to the store and enjoy reading it.

3. Let's dance!
If it's already mid-afternoon (we don't want to spoil a neighbor's nap), it's time to set up a music and dance session on the terrace or patio of the house. The children will be in charge of selecting the music and, with the help of mom and dad, of assembling the decorations.

4. A family movie for the weekend
How? A movie on the terrace? Well yes and also one that the whole family likes. If you only have television in the living room, don't complicate yourself and put the movie on your tablet or mobile. Don't forget the bowl of healthy snacks to share!

5. Pajama party
Sleeping on the patio or on the terrace may not feel like it at all, but having a pajama party before going to bed sure does. Dinner on the floor, colored pencils to draw a picture together, a flashlight to tell jokes, and whatever else you want. Remember to take some photos to keep as a souvenir!

We continue with the list of games and activities to do in the backyard with a few more proposals that are sure to surprise you. You already know that they are just ideas, you just have to let your children get a little bored to come up with many more.

6. Chalk sets on the floor
Some call it trick or hopscotch and others shuffle, do you know what I'm talking about? The squares with the numbers are drawn on the floor with chalk and each participant has to jump on the limp leg. Explain to the children that they can play as much as they want, but that when they finish they will have to clean and clean up a bit, so, in addition to having fun, they will see the importance of collaborating.

7. Yo-yo, rubber and rope
Games like these so long ago are very appropriate to do with children on the terrace at home. If you have a patio, you can also take the wooden top out of the trunk and remember how much fun you used to have with it when you were a child.

8. Twister but this time from the garden
To make this game, unless you already have it at home, you will have to prepare the circles with the help of a large roll of paper and colors, so there is nothing better than telling the children to get to work. You can play by word, for example, 'red hand to blue, green foot to yellow' or you can create some cards that will be read in turns. Who will be the winner?

9. Play gym session
Do you have flat mats or cushions? Sure you do, because with that and with a little imagination you already have a busy afternoon. Let your children design gymnastics games according to their age and tastes. We can think of squats, hands up and down, jumps in place, lateral stride and finally, a few dance steps!

10. Do you remember the phone with yogurts?
Let the one who made a phone out of yogurts raise her hand! Two empty containers, a thread and to talk from one part of the terrace to another. Who said we can only have fun with a mobile?

11. Memory game
Memory games are great to do at home, if you are going to do it on the terrace you can design a large one to make it more enjoyable. You know how to play it, right? All the cards are turned face down and they get up in turns looking for the pair. Whoever gets the most cards wins the game!

12. Improvised sounds
Almost all the objects that we have at home are susceptible to becoming a musical instrument: an upside down pot, a shoe box, a couple of spoons ... Prepare everything you need, sit on the patio floor and let them start playing musical notes one after another.

13. And to finish ... water games!
Do you have a patio or terrace at home and the hot season has arrived in your city? Talk no more, what you have to do for children to play is suggest activities with water. From home experiments, to small water pistols, to a balloon fight, a pompero with a little soap and water or an improvised mini pool. You will see that your little ones come up with many things to do with water. Of course, try not to scold them a lot when you see that they have lost everything.

¿With which of these games and activities to do with the children on the terrace or patio of the house you stay? Leisure afternoons, from now on, are going to be tremendously fun.

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