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Babies on the beach

Babies on the beach

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Nothing better than being by the sea to cool off during the summer. In addition to reducing the heat by the breeze, the sea is relaxing and very stimulating for children. However, although it is good for you, the beach is not a suitable destination for babies, especially, if they are newborns or are only a few months old.

If you like to spend all day on the beach, sunbathe a lot and bathe until evening, and now you have a baby, the beach is not the best place to take him on vacation. And, in case you finally decide to go with him to the coast, here are some recommendations and care that you should keep in mind.

Babies under six months should not walk on the beach because they can never be exposed to direct sun. Babies over six months should not go to the beach, because even under an umbrella, the simple reflection of the sun on their skin can cause sunburn, since their skin is very sensitive.

If your baby has more than 8 months you can go down to the beach, but within a limited schedule. For example, from 8 to 10:30 in the morning and, in the afternoon, from 5:00 p.m. This will ensure that you are protecting it from the most harmful and dangerous sun rays, which are those of the central hours of the day.

First thing in the morning and late in the afternoon they will enjoy the freshness of wetting their feet in the sea, if they wish, and feeling the soft touch of the sand without any danger to their health. Once on the beach, keep an eye on him in case he puts something in his mouth.

Young children really enjoy playing in the sand, but make sure they are under an umbrella at all times. Sand also reflects radiation. For this reason, in addition, keep your child always dressed in a cotton t-shirt and a cap. If your child has played in the morning on the beach, it is convenient that before or after lunch, the child rests and takes a nap. In the afternoon, you can choose a different walk instead of going back to the beach.

For those of you who have chosen to go to the beach with young children, here are some tips that will guide you when it comes to 'diving' in the world of the sea.

1. Avoid taking babies under 6 months to the beach
Babies of this age do not have the skin ready to apply sunscreen. It could cause allergic reactions. After six months, it is convenient to do a test: apply the cream on the inside of the forearm and see if it is well tolerated.

2. Protective cream for babies and children
Choose a special photoprotective cream for the skin of children and babies, with a protection factor greater than 30 and that is resistant to water. Make sure to spread it well all over your body, including the nape, feet, hands, and ears, at least half an hour before hitting the beach. Once there, don't forget to renew it frequently, especially after bathing.

3. Summer walks
When going for a walk with your child, do not forget to always unfold an umbrella or an awning in his seat so that the baby can go in the shade, and protect his head with a well-placed hat.

4. Light and light fabrics
Dress your child in very light cotton clothing that is breathable.

5. Fresh water
Always carry a bottle of water or a bottle of water for your child in the baby's bag. Young children can easily become dehydrated. The youngest, infants are hydrated just by offering them milk (breast or bottle). To guarantee fresh water, a good idea is to bring a thermos or a small cooler. In it you can also carry some fruit, which provides vitamins and also hydrates them. Watermelon is a great option!

6. Watch out for heat stroke
According to a note from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, babies under 1 year of age are the little ones with the highest risk of suffering from heat stroke. Hence the importance of going to the beach during the less hot hours. Therefore, knowing and being attentive to the symptoms of heat stroke can help us react as soon as possible when prevention has not been enough. Among the most common symptoms: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headache, confusion, weakness, sleepiness, or seizures.

In addition, parents must pay close attention to children when they are on vacation, because different childhood accidents can occur on the beach that could be avoided if we follow some basic safety tips in summer.

When we go to the beach, we want to enjoy ourselves and for the children to have a great time. That is another reason why it is recommended that babies under 6 months do not go to the beachIt can be an overwhelming experience for both parents and children.

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If you have decided to travel on vacation to the beach with your baby or you live on the coast, these are the funniest games with which you will have a great time with your son or daughter. Remember (once again we insist) go to the beach in the less hot hours.

- Play and feel the sand and the water
Sitting your baby on the sand or going to shore with him can be very stimulating sensory activities for your baby. You will have a great time touching, grabbing, pulling and letting the sand escape between your little fingers.

- Inflatable pool for your baby
Many parents, when they go to the beach with their babies, take a small inflatable pool that they fill with sea water so that their little one is always cool and can play with the water without having to go near the shore.

- Beach toys
Your baby will also have a great time playing with some of his toys: Buckets, shovels, balls, rakes, molds ... The sand is a great space to play.

- Walks along the shore
If your son or daughter can already walk, they will love taking short walks along the shore of the beach, while running and getting their feet wet.

More tips to spend a good day at the beach with your children

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