13 games with social distancing for kids to keep enjoying

13 games with social distancing for kids to keep enjoying

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The current health situation that we live in forces us all to reduce physical contact between us. It is a responsible action we must take to protect ourselves and others. Undoubtedly a rule that costs all of us, even more so for boys and girls because they need to be in contact with friends to learn, have fun and discover the world around them. In order to make this situation a little more bearable, on our site we have prepared a list of games with social distancing so that children can continue to enjoy themselves with friends.

Okay, it has become clear to us: we cannot get close to others, the distance between each other must be at least two meters and masks or face masks and hydroalcoholic gel (we cannot forget to wash our hands) are our best friends. But that doesn't mean that we can't have a social life, does it?

If you stop to talk to your neighbor, keeping that distance, and enjoy a pleasant and relaxed conversation, why shouldn't the children be able to do something similar with their friends? Of course, so that the new rules are not forgotten, dads and moms will have to be a little more aware from account.

Here are a few simple and very entertaining games designed for children to play with their friends, have a great time and recharge their batteries, they deserve it more than anyone! As you are going to see, some of these games are lifelong, what we have done is include some more rules to avoid contact. You are going to love them!

Remember, however, that we must follow the rules and recommendations that the authorities of our region give us regarding the type of social and physical distancing that is allowed at all times. Before proposing these children's games to your children, you should explain them in a simple way (without giving them fear) the need to maintain a safe distance.

Review the ideas that we propose below and adapt them to the circumstances of your city, your family and the tastes of children and their friends. If your child is the right age for it, in some of these games you can suggest using the mask as a complement.

1. Sing and dance
To sing and dance we do not need contact at all. If you are going to do it on the street, you can draw a circle with chalk so that each participant has enough space for their dance and physical distance is maintained. Another variant of this activity would be for a child to dance or sing and the rest try to guess what song it is. Music, teacher!

2. Challenges, let's see who is invited the coolest!
A boy or girl will be in charge of creating the challenge and the other friends will have to do it in turns. The one who does it best will be the next to propose the challenge. Your children are sure to come up with very creative ideas and keep the rules away!

3. Obstacle race
We will build a simple obstacle course with the things we have on hand: stones, squares painted with chalk, a lawn to do a somersault ... and we will tell our friends to do it in turns. We can create the circuit at home with pillows and cushions and we can set the timer to make it more interesting for them.

4. Who I am?
Have you ever played this? It is fun! All you have to do is use your imagination to create an imaginary scenario or become a character. The little one will talk about what has been invented and the rest of us will ask short questions to guess it.

5. A magnificent walk through nature surrounds us
We can explore the countryside and the outdoors that surround us and at the same time maintain the appropriate distance by taking a pleasant walk accompanied by friends and family. You can encourage the little ones to collect stones and then wash them and make a craft with them. Don't forget to take the hydroalcoholic gel with you.

It is through play that children develop their creativity and imagination, have fun, and learn important values ​​such as companionship. Also, their self-esteem and self-confidence improve and they look fulfilled as people. Can there be anything better? We continue with our contactless game ideas!

6. How about a swim in the pool or on the beach?
Enjoying a swim on the beach or in the pool with friends is possible, just pay a little attention to remember, when necessary, that we must comply with the safety distance.

7. A bike or scooter ride
And in the evening ... a bike or scooter ride! Agree on what time you are going to meet and trace the route so that the children can go together but at the same time separated. Sport only brings us good things!

8. I see I see what do you see?
Classic games such as riddles, telling jokes, or I see, are also a great idea to enjoy with friends. As we said in the other example, you can draw a line on the ground with chalk to indicate where each child has to be.

9. The movie game
Do you know how to play? You think of a movie and, without saying a word, you have to represent it with gestures so that others can guess, the first to do so will be the next to represent a new movie or cartoon series. Even you will want to play!

So that children can fully understand why things are no longer the same and why there is so much emphasis on social distancing, speak to them in simple words and feel free to answer all their questions. Also explain that having to be constantly separated does not prevent them from having fun with their friends.

10. What do I have in mind?
In small papers we write words of the same theme, for example, jungle animals. Each child sticks one on his forehead, in turn, we will give him clues to see if he can guess what he has on his head, what fun! You can also play to guess numbers.

11. The English Hideaway or One, Two, Three, Pumpkin
I suppose you know the dynamics of the English hideaway: the one who ties it with his back to the wall, the other children stand behind. When the one on the wall sings: 'One, two, three, to the English hideout, without moving their hands or feet', the others have to move forward but, be careful, when that phrase is finished they will turn around, if they see someone move , he will have to take three steps back. The winner is the first to reach a goal set a little before the boy who counts on the wall.

12. Treasure hunt
This is one of the games that boys and girls like the most. To make sure that they really maintain the much-needed distance, what you can do is say that they divide into pairs, one will hide the treasure and the other will have to look for it, so they will not all run together to the same place.

13. The imitation game
It can be played in many ways: imitate friends, teachers, famous people ... We can imitate someone and have friends try to find out who it is, or we can even, with the permission of mom and dad, record on video imitations and then have a laugh watching it together. This is a great game also to play in the video calls we make.

What are your children's favorite games?

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