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Mother's Day

Mother's Day. Everything for moms

For moms there is no date more special than Mother's Day. This is a unique occasion to enjoy this joyous party with our babies and children. From Guiainfantil we suggest you celebrate Mother's Day with the children and learn more about this celebration. In addition, we give you ideas about activities, plans and dedications with which we will get a smile (and maybe a tear of emotion) for mom.
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Limits - Discipline

Limits help children manage and control their emotions

Many parents have a hard time saying No to their children, but it is something necessary for a good family life together. Setting limits from values ​​and not from the fact itself avoids overwhelming the child with constant reprimands, but also setting limits for children encourages their safety and improves their self-esteem.
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Child sleep

Sleep crises in babies between 4 and 7 months

Maybe your baby who slept well at night and took long naps, now, at the age of 4 months, has started to wake up countless times and the organized sleep schedule that he had has disappeared. You find yourself with a frazzled and irritable baby who can't get to sleep. What happen?
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How to foster the value of gratitude in children

When we teach children good manners, we always remind them to say 'thank you'. However, being grateful is much more than that, it is not only about children thanking them when someone says something nice to them, or we give them something or they simply have a toy.
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Infant nutrition

4 main reasons why children do not gain weight

If there is something that all mothers have in common, it is their concern about the weight of the baby. For this reason, in our section of Guiainfantil responds we wanted to invite a nutritionist to explain to us the reasons why a child does not gain or gain weight, when we should be concerned and what parents can do to change this trend.
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